Before becoming a full-time trader!


After school I went into the military after 15 years in the military I resigned my commission to come home and help a sick family member. While helping my family I went to Northeastern University and got my degree in computer science with a minor in finance. I worked as a systems analyst and designer and project manager for a financial firm. All of these promotions and positions of great responsibility did not satisfy me enough in terms of a rewarding lifestyle or a true sense of accomplishment. While working for this financial firm I started to learn about options and so my new career was started

I knew that by taking complete control of my financial future, and by helping others to reach their financial desires, I would achieve a much greater level of self-fulfillment.


So, years ago I traded my computer job to become an options trader. So now I’ve been working closely with people teaching them how to trade options with a lot of success. We have a few members that live in London and other parts of the UK. Which shows no matter where you live or where you are you can trade from anywhere.


So, feel free to sit on the beaches of Bora Bora and do your trading