Choose your pricing plan

  • Index Options

    Every month
    Beginner Level
    • Trade is selected from various Indices
    • Dow Jones, S&P and Nasdaq etc.
    • The average volume of these stocks is 1 million and above
    • Three to Five trades are sent per week
    • The profit objective is 25 to 40 percent on each trade
    • Minimum portfolio size of $2000 is required
    • Advance sell targets are provided to members
    • Trade analysis is provided via charts for selected trades
    • Trade is expected to last from one to ten days
    • Members are required to monitor the trades on daily basis
  • Stock Option

    Every month
    Perfect for beginners
    • These are for long term holds - 6 months
    • We track the stocks the same as hedge fund managers
    • Members required to monitor trades on a daily/weekly basis
    • Minimum portfolio size of $5000 is required